Sunday, July 19, 2015

Baby Buggy - Latest Cupcake Decorating Concept For Children

Have you question why parties also have cupcakes  in their menus and also why do they have to end up being articulately layout? Cupcake decorations have been one of the illustrates for almost each and every celebration as well as party whether its special birthday, wedding anniversaries, Hallow's eve, weddings, baby baby showers and so many others.

  1. Hosts from the events can get everything ready that they wish to add in their menu for his or her party furniture but cupcakes will outstand all of them, cupcakes are quite adorable and all sorts of time favorite of many individuals all ages plus you can include stylish cupcake decorations and everything is within excellent setup with regard to functions.

Listed here are number of cupcake decorating ideas that might help an individual within putting together your own functions for different events:

Baby Buggy: Cupcakes for kids' occasions

* Baby Buggy is really a nice and adorable cupcake decorating idea great for little one showers, birthday celebrations, baptism and various kid's party. This particular cupcake layout is easy to accomplish this requires minimum effort. You can make a good hundred or so of those decorations in no time. For sure, guest adults and children will love this particular new cupcake method.

Step by step instructions on how to make a ideal Baby Pram:

* Frost three-fourths of every cupcake along with pink frosting

* Frost remaining 4th with white icing.

* Attach Two mini vanilla wafers in order to bottom associated with pink frosting with regard to wheels

* cut off one-half of a third small wafer and attach to whitened frosting with regard to baby's head

* Pipe yellow-colored icing outlines for top of pushchair

* attach whitened flower-shaped decors with regard to ruffles together push chair top

* Pipe white spokes on buggy added wheels and fasten mini M&M's for hubcaps

* Decorate the baby's confront in any way you wish

Baby Buggy is perfect and very appealing cupcake decorations pertaining to kid's occasions. With decorating cupcakes for children, you need a related layout that may catch their own consideration, children will certainly adore Baby Pushchair layout and for certain their particular mother and father as well. This can be a very nice and correctly amazing within presenting your own child's memorable events. Just bear in mind, in decorating cupcakes there are many

cupcake ideas and opportunities to learn these types of patterns tend to be countless. All you want carry out is actually open your own browsers along with do some research with the items would be the perfect cupcake designs that are offered from the internet. Many sites will provide you with more information and step by step instructions on the way to accomplish those quite cute cupcake models.

If you need to find out more about professional cupcake decorations, try to do a thorough study or even enroll to on the web cupcake style and design You will learn thousands of cupcake tips for any kind of probable events with regard to whole year round. On the web cupcake institutions may teach you brand new and innovative cupcake models that may surely arrive useful if you want to establish your own pastry business. You will be surprise how these types of schools can help you in developing the right impetus on your business. Ask regarding online cupcake layouts now and stay the top in preparing your receipe or pastry fields.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

painting business

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Things To Consider When Choosing Freshwater Aquarium Fish

" Things To Consider When Choosing Freshwater Aquarium Fish"," There's more to it that just getting pretty ones that match, and here, we will go through things that you should do as you select your freshwater aquarium fish so that you end up with an aquarium that's wholesome, fun and easy to maintain.
 Determine the number of fish you want to keep.
 An aquarium with too many fish means much more waste, which is not good for the fish and will force you to clean more often.
 The rule of thumb is about 2 inches of fish for every gallon of water.
 You need to choose your fish from a reputable dealer.
 It's not uncommon to set up an aquarium and a few days later the fish are dead - they were likely not healthy when they were bought.
 If the aquariums are dirty and the fish in them look dull, look for another supplier.
 Learn as much as you can about freshwater aquarium fish that you may be considering.
 Sometimes, this information may help you decide whether you can cope with your selection - some fish breeds are rather high maintenance.
 There will be minimal compatibility issues and it's easier to tell when something is wrong in the fish tank because they will all behave oddly.
 It's hard to simulate all these environments in a fish tank.
 A brittle nose, a clown plecostomus or otocinclus catfish are perfect fresh water aquarium fish for this.
 Killifish, if you can get them, are an excellent way to start your aquarium.
 Most people will think about freshwater aquarium fish that prey on others here, but there are also some that grow so big in a short time that they start to squeeze out the others.
 Angle fish can easily squeeze out smaller fish if they are in a fish tank smaller than 10 gallons.
 They will eat your other fish.
 They need a lot more cleaning after, and they need to be fed much more to keep them from eating each other.
 There are miniature sharks, like the Bala, that you can keep, but they still will grow rather big and you will need a bigger-than-standard fish tank.
 Stay away from catfish.
You are now armed with lots of information on choosing freshwater aquarium fish and choosing fish for your aquarium so follow this guidance and remember even one wrong fish in your fish tank can affect all the rest.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Advantage Of Fly Fishing

"The Advantage Of Fly Fishing"," The cult aside that is the only advantage, in point of fact many spinning rods are fashened from fly rod blanks, the only difference being the guides and reel seat placement.
 This should provide more competition to reel manufacturers and usher in an era of low cost quality reels.

Somebody else could say that throwing a chuck of fly line with a spinning rod is not fly fishing because the essence of fly fishing is the casting.
 I have nothing against spinning tackle, I own and use a lot of it, but spinning and fly fishing are two completely different things.

I personally do not enjoy fly casting very much because most of the time I am fishing from a lake shore or on the banks of a brook where efficient fly casting is impossible.
this is the end of fly fishing as you know it.
no more 1000 dollar rods.
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Fly Fishing for Carp on the South Platte River

"Fly Fishing for Carp on the South Platte River"," They are extremely wary and spook very easily.
 To fly fish for carp, you need patience and have the right gear.
 Heavy tippet must be used in order to land these giant fish.
 Fluorocarbon tippet is a must and will work to your advantage.

Presentation is key.
 It does, you will spook the fish.
 Do not hit them on the head or land it in front of them.
 There is nothing like catching a 20 pound carp in moving water.
 They have been fished to for several years and are now wary of fisherman.
 If you can catch a carp in the South Platte River, then you can catch a carp anywhere.
 Although, they will eat just about anything that they consider food.
 Carp are opportunist, but your fly must look exactly like what they are eating.
 Carp tend to hangout in deep runs and slow pools.
 Carp love sandy and muddy bottoms, where they can forage and sift the bottom for food.
 If you can catch one in the act of feeding, then your chances go up exponentially.
 Ones that are going about their day, without knowing you are there.
 The farther north and east you go, the more fish there are and the larger they grow.
 Get out there and hook a giant poor man's bonefish!

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Illinois Fly Fishing - Best Locations Near Chicago

"Illinois Fly Fishing - Best Locations Near Chicago"," However, there are other areas around Chicago that are also ideal for those looking for a day trip spent out on the water.
 If you have little experience, you might want to hire a professional tour guide to take you out and show you the ropes, which is part of the benefit of fishing in a more urban area.
 There is access to this location anywhere along the bike path on the lakefront, which includes the Jackson park lagoon, Belmont, and Montrose Harbors.
 These are all available at different parts of the year.

Another location for Illinois fly fishing located right in the city of Chicago is the Chicago River.While the river used to be too dirty to fish in and boasted a high level of criminal activity, it has recently been cleaned up and you can now find a fishing platform right at Foster Avenue in the city.
With these two major bodies of water located right within the city limits of Chicago, it's not necessary to leave the city for your Illinois fly fishing opportunities.
 This can be the perfect opportunity for Illinois fishing for those who have little to no experience with it in the past, because you will be part of the greater fishing community of Chicago.

The Different Characteristics of Saltwater Fish

"The Different Characteristics of Saltwater Fish"," With so many different species of fish, have you ever thought about how a fish is classified as such? Fish have certain common characteristics being:

Gills - These allow the fish to take oxygen out of the water i.
 to breathe

Fins - These are the steering wheels and propeller on a fish allowing them to move quickly through the water

Swim Bladder - Ever wondered how a fish controls where he sits in the water? It is via this bladder which fills up with air allowing him to control his buoyancy.

Scales - They exist as protection but also to streamline the fish to allow him to move through the water better.
 Buying the best in the range of salt water fish tanks doesn't make you the perfect owner.
 You need to provide sufficient lighting and allow the fish to live in a proper home i.
 buy the right habitat and shelter.
 You can't just put an aquarium in the corner of a room and forget about it.
 The fish cannot be independent as they now live in an artificial environment.
 Don't expect your fish to thrive otherwise.

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Choosing Fish Aquarium Inhabitants

"Choosing Fish Aquarium Inhabitants"," This is because you can have several multi-colored fish.
 This color combination along with their different sizes will give an exciting view to the place where you keep the aquarium.
 You might want to just walk in the fish store and pick up the fish on the basis of their color.
 If there is a marked difference in their habitat then you will not be able to provide them with conditions where they can survive easily and they would, soon, lose their life.
 You will do well with your fish aquarium by picking the fish that dwell at different levels.
 Middle feeders eat up the food at the middle level of aquarium and the bottom dwellers feed on the food leftover at the bottom.

If you are a beginner then you need to determine the fish aquarium according to the type of fish you want to purchase.
 Whatever type you are going to get for your fish aquarium, make sure that you buy at least 4-6 in number.
 Some of the fish that you might want to check out are rasboras, tetras, cherry barbs, blue gouramis, danios, and corydoras catfish.

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Korda - The Reason Fishing is Easy

"Korda - The Reason Fishing is Easy"," They are world renowned for their fishing rigs and leads and other pieces of fishing tackle as well as being known for the vast amount of fishing information that they bring to the whole fishing community.
 Not all of Korda developments ideas and theories turn out to work the way they thought but they still work and are constantly the best on the market.
 If it's not the best it will not get made.
 This was supposed to be in theory a braided hooklink material coated in Flurocarbon.
 When this was in production they soon realised that it was not going to work the way that they were going about it.
 After finding this they thought that they want to go one step further as they usually do and make sure that they have the best coated material out there.

Korda take existing methods of fishing and extend it further all the way to the top so that the product is the absolute essential for all anglers, they have developed the best products in so many different areas.

Another section that Korda are leading developers in is the fishing hooks part, After however many years put together that these expert anglers have spent on the banks, their hook creations have been created using all of their knowledge in fishing.

Remember that when you buy Korda products you know that you are in safe hands and believe it now or wait until you see it in action, their products and fishing information is all you really need to get your fishing to a very, very high standard\

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Snook Fishing in Costa Rica

"Snook Fishing in Costa Rica"," Costa Rica snook fishing trips are just one of the many types of fishing trips that are available.

Costa Rica has a great river system for the fishing community.
 It has a wide selection of other rivers and lagoons that will also provide you with ample fishing experiences.
 You may find the different kinds of boats available designed for the different kinds of fishing confusing, however one of the knowledgeable boat rental companies will explain the differences such as a Carolina Skiff, or a Boston Whaler.

You will be happy to know on some of these excursions, that you can find great fish.
 In addition you will find the jungle breathtaking and the rivers beautiful and the wildlife exotic while you are on this trip.
 Alway check out the weather conditions and be sure that you have an idea of what kind of fish you want to catch, of course snook is the very best fish available besides Tarpon

You have your choice of places to fish, you will enjoy sailing your boat, through the steamy and beautiful jungles that are available.
 Or perhaps you prefer the the beauty and majesty of the Caribbean Sea.

You will want to be ready for the adventure if you take your Costa Rica snook fishing trip to Lake Nicaragua, you will need to take cold showers, you will have not air conditioning and you will be attacked by tons of mosquitoes, but you will have the best fishing experience of all here for something unique

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"The Chocolate Gourami"

"The Chocolate Gourami",

Swimming Level: Middle dweller

Breeding Type: Egg layer, mouthbrooder

Ease of keeping: Experienced fishkeepers required

Life Span: 4 years approximately

Sexing: Hard to sex when not displaying during courtship, males will usually develop a red body tint and ligt cream dorsal edge, females during this time are usually plumper and may show a black spot on their caudal fin.
 Oval bodied with pointed head and small mouth, wide dorsal and anal fins and irregular stripes run vertically along the body.

Best bought in groups of 6-10 and let them pair off by themselves.
 They are mainly brown but have cream stripes that often change with the fish's moods.

Comments: Very susceptible to illness so water statistics need to be perfect in a well filtered and heated tank.
 These fish are very sensitive to conditions so it is always worth keeping a few other gourami species before you try this one!


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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tropical Fish Aquariums - A Primer

"Tropical Fish Aquariums - A Primer"," It wasn't until the 1900's that people around the world began keeping fish as pets.

In the early days, aquariums were a copy of the marine environment.
 Different species have different needs, such as type of food, water temperature, etc.

As time went by and knowledge about fish and their environments accumulated, the task of keeping a fish aquarium became easier and easier.

Today's fish tank is usually rectangular in shape, constructed wholly of glass or with a metal frame and glass sides and a bottom of glass, slate, or other rigid material
 Most tanks contain growing plants which are set in sand or gravel layer about 2 inches thick.

 The average home aquarium will hold between 5 and 25 gallons, with an average size of 24x12x12 inches.

 Larger tanks are better suited for offices, or commercial environments.

 Tropical fishes are better suited to smaller tanks because they are smaller, and can withstand a relative deficiency of oxygen in the water.
 If the oxygen in the water is not replaced, the fish will suffocate.
 With sufficient bright light they manufacture sugars from carbon dioxide taken from their surroundings, whether air or water, and they will release oxygen.
 Just like in nature itself.
 It takes some research and planning, so make sure you seek out help from experts.


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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Tropical Fish Information You Need to Know - All About Classification",

"Tropical Fish Information You Need to Know - All About Classification","

BackgroundThere are a growing number of people who keep tropical fish in an aquarium as it becomes more popular and the age of these aquarists varies from youngsters to the more elderly.

Because tropical fish are smaller you can have more of them in your tank, they are more colorful in most cases, there are more species around so you have a lot to choose from and you can easily purchase the fishes without them having to be brought in from their original habitat as they are now mostly bred in captivity.

The Naming SystemPretty much every fish species has a common name (even several), which pet shops and aquarium keepers may employ on a regular basis, but if an correct description and identification is needed then common names are not adequate.

A relationship amongst groups of animals & plants has been used for over 350 years and is identified and established by the binomial nomenclature system.

However, as its name suggests, the binomial nomenclature process only uses the last two identifiers, the genus and the species names.

Two scientific names for a fish can happen now and again due to the re-classification of a specific fish.

In the event that there is no specific descriptor for the fish of a known genus then the scientific name would be the generic name (the genus) with species added on.
 Fish species outnumber all the remaining vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians).


Friday, November 9, 2012

"Tropical Aquarium"

"Tropical Aquarium"," They are quite easy to set up but take a lot of time and care to maintain properly.


Make sure your fish tank is not in direct sunlight, this could cause the water to over heat and will promote the growth of algae.
 Put in the gravel to a depth of around two or three inches and decorate with rocks or wood and if you are not planning on real plants then you can place your plastic plants in your tank.


Wash out your fish tank with cold water, fit the filter, thermometer, heater and air pump (chances are you bought a fish tank with all this ready setup for you).
 You should set the temperature to between 22-29 degrees centigrade.
 This gives the water time to get rid of all the chlorine and for the filter system to build up some good bacteria.


While your tank is maturing why not choose your fish and plants.
 I bought a pleco for my three foot tank, big mistake the fish can grow to around two feet in length.
 I tend to go for one big show fish and a few medium size tank cleaning catfish.
 There is nothing worse than buying lots of fish and they all die after a few days because the tank wasn't quite ready.
 Leave them there for 15 - 20 minutes,then open the bag and little by little add small amounts of water from your aquarium to the bag.



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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Profile on Tiger Barbs

"A Profile on Tiger Barbs"," Originating from Sumatra, Indonesia, they are a schooling species and they would like to play all the time.

Experienced fish-keepers say that they will lose the sense of security so they will behave irrationally all the time.
 They can even participate in racing games and they will have some false combats within themselves!

If you would like to keep them, you should think of an aquarium with a very good quality of water.
 They will get Ich very quickly in contaminated or polluted water.
 You should also change the water frequently.
 You should also set up some driftwood as well as the rocks for providing enough hiding places for them.

There are no specific requirements for their food.
 However you should offer them a variety of things so that they will get appropriate nutrition.
 They will also try on the plants available in the aquarium.
 There is no specific requirement of keeping alkalinity in the water.
 You can buy a group of about 10 and allow them to pair up.

You should never make the mistake of keeping tiger barbs with other species which are slow moving.

Tiger barbs are good for the beginners because they meet all the criteria of a good fish - they are very colorful, they are graceful swimmers and they are happy to live in a group.


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Sunday, July 15, 2012

How You Can Control Algae in a Saltwater Tank"

"Why Saltwater Aquarium Algae Blooms Happen - How You Can Control Algae in a Saltwater Tank"," As time goes by they can sometimes have problems that detract from their looks.

Why Algae Blooms Happen In Saltwater Aquariums

Algae is a naturally occurring part of any natural aquatic ecosystem.
 Algae grows in fish tanks for the same reason.

Overfeeding- Overfeeding your fish is one of the quickest ways to turn your once beautiful saltwater fish tank into a green algae mess.

Over Stocking- To many fish in saltwater fish tank is another very common cause of algae blooms.
 Overstocking can also cause the carbon dioxide levels to increase in a tank and drive the PH down.

  To get around this problem make sure to keep your saltwater fish tank stocked at appropriate levels and keep the water motion in the tank at adequate levels to ensure proper gas exchange in the system.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tips for Taking Fish to Taxidermist

"Tips for Taking Fish to Taxidermist"," You need to begin just as soon as you have caught the fish. If you plan to keep the fish, then you will need to preserve it to ensure it makes it to the taxn't put any othe fish in the cooler because it may cause damage to the fins or scales. Start by jotting down the width, length, and girth of the fish. Make sure that the pictures are shot from close up, and preferably against a white background so that the colors will show up better. You have two choices for this, salt or borax. Don't be skittish about it, since it's best that you put a lot up there. Have the towel be damp and not too wet. Once it has been wrapped in the damp towel, then you need to put it in a plastic airtight bag. It needs to lay as flat as possible. After you get back from your trip, it's best that you take the fish to your taxidermist immediately. Once again, make sure that it stays straight by putting it on a flat surface. If everything goes to plan, then the taxidermist will be able to produce a great trophy mount for you. After getting your trophy back, you will just need to care for it properly to ensure that it lasts. You should also try to put your mount in a location that won't be exposed to cigarette smoke. 


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Arowana Care - Enhancing the Color of Your Arowana

"Arowana Care - Enhancing the Color of Your Arowana"," Arowanas, just like other domesticated fish species, have different colors. However, when they are in captivity they tend to lose most of their true colors and this is where myths go against the facts. Other people, on the other hand, believed that losing colors is just a part of Arowanas' aging process. So proper Arowana care plays a big part in getting the richest colors. Their common denominator when it comes to enhancing the color of their Arowana pets, however, always depends on their Arowana feeding practices. Live foods are the most nutritious ones and they are composed of live animals and insects. Non-live foods are also mainly composed of animals and insects but are frozen, palletized, dried or granulated. Some pet owners of Arowanas suggest that giving palletized vitamins can also help Arowanas maintain their natural color while others suggest that centipedes are the best live foods when it comes to enhancing their color. For example, if their owners often give them live foods they maybe also introducing parasites into their tank. If the Arowanas have these parasites in their bodies, their true colors are altered. 


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Sick Fish In Therapy

"Sick Fish in Therapy"," As a result of the unique populations I work with, I partner with animals in my practice.

I began doing Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) seven years ago and like many of us in the field, I thought I created the idea.
 To date I have worked with hundreds of children and youth through the medium of AAT.
 There is much documented research that provides evidence to support the physical, cognitive, social and psychological benefits of partnering animals and humans.

Recently in a presentation with Psychologists from Japan I was asked: ""What about fish? Can you work with sick fish in therapy?"" Immediately the research about aquarium tanks sprung to mind.
 In Indiana, Purdue University conducted a study on the effects of colorful fish aquariums on Alzheimer's patients.
 The study also showed a decrease in behaviors such as wandering, pacing, yelling and physical aggression.

Another ""fish therapy"" method that I immediately thought of was Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT).
 DAT has reportedly been conducted with a variety of ages, illnesses and diseases, including cancer.
 Many of the studies claim that there is an increase in endorphins in the human brain while swimming with dolphins and that the therapy is therefore relaxing and results in an increase in positive mood.
 Marino (2007), a researcher at Emory University, states that: ""DAT is bad for People and for Dolphins.

I am also aware of two other types of aquatic animals currently helping people in the United States.
 One is a sea turtle who was rescued due to a large dent in its shell.
 The turtle is gentle and is helping children with disabilities.
 It has been reported that this therapy has helped the boy to engage in social tasks, to develop his upper body strength and has resulted in an increase in his self esteem and confidence.
 In one case, it provides motivation for a boy with Cerebral Palsy to get out of his wheelchair, make the painful climb up the many stairs to the aquarium center, stand while preparing food for the stingray and continue standing with support while he feeds it.
 Reportedly this boy has experienced an increase in his leg muscles, ability to walk, self esteem and confidence.
 Here is what I came up with (but first I must say that goldfish do not do well in bowls.
 They can survive the small unfiltered environments and stagnant water.

Well, a fish in a bowl.
 Perhaps he is depressed or has lived out his life in group care settings being moved around often with no choice of his own.
"" He is in your office and you have a fish in a bowl.
 Drawing his attention to it in a therapeutic way may be beneficial in helping to validate his feelings of helplessness but also may help him explore choice options that he does have in his life, unlike the fish.
 Discussion around the size of the bowl that the fish lives in can be an analogy to the opportunities the fish has; the smaller the bowl, the lesser the opportunities.
 Exploring the pros and cons of different ""sizes of the bowl,"" whether we are alone in the ""bowl,"" whether there are things to do in the ""bowl,"" and what might happen if we move into a bigger ""bowl"" with more inhabitants and things to do are all areas that might be discussed as a way of helping the client perceive his or her life situation and decide whether to change it.
 We can also tell stories about people, animals and/or situations.


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Tropical Fish Care - How To Look After Tropical Fish And Tropical Fish Keeping Tips

"Tropical Fish Care - How To Look After Tropical Fish And Tropical Fish Keeping Tips"," Before doing so, however, there are several key points that you need to be aware of - or the whole exercise could end up in great disappointment.
 If not, you may be endangering your tropical fish without even knowing it.
 One common error that many people don't really understand is that there are some bacteria that you actually want in your aquarium (as they help balance the delicate biological life cycle).

Katy's Tropical Fish Guide gave me a very good understanding into how to:

Set up my new tropical fish tank
How to introduce tropical fish to the tank
Caring for the fish tank
Feeding the tropical fish
Maintaining the health of the fish
Before reading it, I really had no idea on what was involved.
 I thought a lot of them were overpriced - especially for the information they offered; and they generally didn't focus on telling you how to get the best results using methods that don't require a lot of effort and products that don't cost the earth.
 After all, something that costs a significant amount of money and requires a lot of work on your behalf can't really be deemed as enjoyable.

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How to Properly Feed Tropical Fish

"How to Properly Feed Tropical Fish"," Some species even require live worms and insects.
 If you buy fish food, be sure and buy from a reputable web dealer.
 Typically, tropical fish will only eat enough to fill their bellies - usually between 3 to 5 minutes after they initially start eating.
 Bad for the fish and more work for you.
 There are a host of problems that can crop up during this period: new fish too shy to feed with other fish, faster fish eating all the food, and sick fish refusing to eat at all.
 It's important to find out what the best tropical fish foods are for your fish.
 If you observe your tropical fish feeding, you can compensate for any problems they have while feeding.
 I suggest alternating between frozen and dried food with greens.
 There is some initial work involved, but eventually, the enjoyment that results is worth every effort you put into this hobby!


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With Thousands Of Types Of Tropical Fish Available - How To Choose?

"With Thousands Of Types Of Tropical Fish Available - How To Choose?"," They are very beautiful creatures.
 Here are some questions to ask.
 Choosing your fish by color could turn out to be a disaster.
 If you get an aggressive fish, be sure that you can minimize potential damage.
 Are you going to put sea anemones in your tank? If you do, make sure you have fish that like to swim in and around them without getting stunned.
 They can be destructive little critters, so be careful in choosing the right ones.
 You do not want your expensive fish fighting each other and ripping each other's limbs and fins off.
 Different types of tropical fish need different temperatures to thrive in.
 The fish that you choose should all be compatible in terms of temperature.

Incompatible Types Of Tropical Fish - Freshwater vs.
 Overall, it is easier to maintain a freshwater tank.
 The reason most enthusiasts go with saltwater tropical fish is because there are many very beautiful varieties that are simply not available if you go the freshwater route.
 There are enough types of tropical fish out there to make any hobbyist happy.
 To learn more about this fascinating hobby, please visit our site which has lots of free articles about tropical fish.

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How To Setup A Freshwater Tropical Fish Tank

"How To Setup A Freshwater Tropical Fish Tank","

Equipment you will need:


Aquarium gravel

Aquarium filter

Replacement filter media


Other decorations (such as plants)

Chemical test kits

Fish food

Aquarium vacuum

Fish net

Glass Scrubber

5-gallon bucket

Pasta strainer

STEP 1: Realize the responsibility involved.
 In order to have a successful fish tank you will have to work at it.
 Most of the time you will be performing water changes.
 If you are up to the challenge, please proceed!

STEP 2: Decide on an aquarium size.
 Some tropical fish only grow to be an inch or two, whereas other types of tropical fish can grow 12 or 13 inches in length! Knowing what kind of tropical fish you want will help you decide the size of the tank they will need.

STEP 3: Decide on the aquarium's location.
 You will want to place your aquarium on a stand that will be able to hold its total weight.
 For example, a 55-gallon tank will weigh approximately 550 pounds when filled with water!

STEP 4: Buy your aquarium and equipment.
 You will also need to purchase a heater capable of heating the tank size you have.
 A good rule of thumb for the amount of gravel that you will need is 1 to 1.

STEP 5: Set up your aquarium and stand.
 Soap residue left behind will be harmful for your tropical fish.

STEP 6: Wash Gravel, plants and decorations.
 An easy way to do this is to put some of the rocks in a pasta strainer and wash them out in your bathtub.
 After adding the gravel you can place your plants and decorations.
 STEP 7.To avoid messing up your gravel and plants, you can place a plate or saucer in the middle of your aquarium and direct the water flow onto the plate.
 To remove the chlorine and chloramine, use something like Tetra AquaSafe for Aquariums.
 Otherwise, when you place your arm in to move stuff around water is going to spill over.
STEP 8. Install your heater but don't plug it in until the thermostat in the heater has adjusted to the water temperature. If heater is already  hot it will break the glass on the heater
 Hook up your filter and any other equipment you have, then top off the aquarium water to just under the hood lip.
 I would also recommend using a drip loop on all of the power cords to be extra cautious.
STEP 9.  I know, you want to add some tropical fish.
 There are ways of speeding up this process.
 If you must use fish to cycle, try to get a hardier species like the zebra danio or cherry barb.
 Add tropical fish.
 Adding a couple tropical fish at a time gives your filtration system the time needed to take on the increased biological load that the new fish introduce.
 After 5 minutes of floating the bag you should add some of the aquarium water to the bag so that the fish can become acclimated to the pH level in the aquarium.
 Stressed tropical fish often leads to dead tropical fish! Don't feed your tropical fish on the first day.
 Let them get acquainted with their new home.
 Get ready for regular maintenance.
 Performing regular water changes will reduce the nitrate levels and keep your tropical fish happy and healthy.
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Personalized Throw Pillow

If you are thinking about to get the perfect gift for someone who is dear to you, you may want to consider a personalized throw pillow. It is different from every other type of gift item in that it is unique and will go a long way in showing your thoughtfulness. More so, you can find a good use for such an item in your home as something to complement your decoration.

When in the market for throw pillows, it is essential that opt for something that the recipient can easily fix somewhere in his or her existing decoration. This means that you need to go out of your way to find pillows that can fit into his or her choice of color, scheme and style of decoration.

If you cannot do this successfully, you need not be annoyed if the visit the person and you cannot seem to find the pillows which you have invested so much time and effort into making. For instance, if the color of the pillows is in a sharp contrast to the color of the decoration, the person will not want to display the pillows just to please you.

Nonetheless, by being creative with the gifts you can ensure that the person will be able to put them to good use. One good way of being creative is by making a photo tapestry. For instance, a tapestry of pictures of the person can be made on the pillows. If you do not have his or her pictures, pictures of pets or other places of interest would also suffice.

If you know that tapestries do not really appeal to the recipient, you may want to opt for woven photographs instead. You can apply the same principles that you would use to select pictures for a tapestry to select the photos that would be woven. This will ensure that you weave photos that will make the recipient glad.

You can make a photo tapestry or make a woven photograph on the pillows yourself.
If you are skillful in working with your hands, you may buy the necessary things for the task from your local arts and crafts shop. The necessary things to buy include embroidery threads, ordinary threads, tracing papers and needles.

On the contrary, those who are not skillful in making works or art may find it easier to employ the services of an artist to create the personalized throw pillows. Many artisans are specialists in this type of projects and they can even give you some useful ideas for your gifts. In addition, you may order the products directly from some companies online.

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ips For Improving Your Home's Value

Home ownership numbers are very high in America, so it's no surprise home improvement is a hot topic of discussion. This article will help you find your way in doing some home improvements and give you plenty of advice.

If there is a lot of space in the attic, you should install a dormer window to make the area more usable. This will add charm to the exterior of your home and potentially double your square footage. As a consequence, the value of the property rises, and you have gained extra living space for a relatively low sum of money.

You can give your home a cleaner feeling by getting your carpets cleaned from time to time. Shampoo and deep clean your carpets, especially high traffic areas, on a regular basis. In this way you can extend the life of your carpet and give your whole house a squeaky-clean feeling.

Try a landscaping project to bring a new look to your home and your yard. Flowers, trees, and shrubs can be combined with stonework or mulch to enhance the appearance of your property. Adding proper landscape to your yard greatly increases first impressions and goes a long way in increasing the value of your home.

When starting a home renovation project, you should always aim to take safety precautions. Taking the right safety steps will help make sure no one is hurt. Before you go to work, you should review all of your tools' instructions and safety warnings. Find someone to demonstrate how to use a tool safely for you if you haven't done it before.

Are you fixing up your home? Look at items you already have to inspire your artistic imagination. Purchase some decorative frames that will match your existing decor.

Use all the outdoor space available to you. Extend your living space by designating a section of your backyard. It's the ideal spot for grilling steaks or even just enjoying some fresh air and relaxation after work.

You can lower your monthly water bill by doing a few home improvement projects. Low-flow toilets, shower heads and tank-less heaters are all readily available. In addition to being earth-friendly, these projects will increase the value of your home and lower your water bill.

Some homeowners are reluctant to try new ideas for home improvement. Try to approach projects with baby steps while keeping your mind open to new ideas. If it can be done by someone else, you can do it too. Using the advice in this article will make your home improvement projects much more likely to succeed.

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